1. What do we do with your privacy and personal information?

    This Privacy Policy administrates the manner in which Overflow and Overflow Partners and Suppliers treat your personal information, collected electronically when you register on and use the Voucher Plus website.

    We respect your privacy and your personal information and therefore, we shall take reasonable actions, in line with this Policy, to protect your personal information and to keep it confidential, even after your Membership has terminated.

    We are also happy to mention that our Privacy Policy is in line with the principles, articulated in Section 51 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 2002 ('ECT Act'), which govern your right to having your personal information kept private. These principles include inter alia

    • To only collect, disclose, collate, process and store your personal information with your express written permission unless permitted or required by law to do so, and will only use your information for the purpose for which it is required.
    • We shall disclose in writing, the specific purpose for which we use, request, collect, collate, process and store your personal information. We will also keep a record of that personal information and the specific purpose for which we collect it.
    • We shall not use your personal information for any other purpose, other than that which we disclosed to you, unless you give us your express written permission to do so, or unless we are permitted to do so by law.
    • We shall, as required by law, for as long as the personal information is used and for a period of at least one year there after, keep a record of your personal information and the specific purpose for which your personal information was collected.
    • We shall not disclose any of the personal information held by us to a third party, unless required or permitted by law or specifically authorised to do so in writing by you.
    • For as long as the personal information is used and for a period of at least one year thereafter, we shall keep a record of any third party to whom the personal information was disclosed and the date on which and the purpose for which it was disclosed.
    • We shall delete or destroy all personal information which has become obsolete.

    We further inform you that your personal information may be used to compile profiles for statistical purposes and confirm that the statistical data would not be linked to any specific data subject by a third party.

  2. What can be categorised as personal information?

    Personal information for purposes of registering Voucher Plus include information which identifies or relates specifically to you are, inter alia:

    Your name
    Identity Number
    Email Address
    Contact Number

    Any information about which Vouchers you buy, where you bank and all related information will also be regarded as personal information.
    In a nutshell, any information that we know about you will be regarded as your personal information.

    Your location information

    When you use our website, we may receive your location or ask to use it. We will use this to show you the offers which are near you.

    Your mobile phone information

    When you use the Voucher Plus website for the first time, we will receive a unique identifier for your phone if your handset manufacturer or network provide it (UDID). We may also receive your mobile phone number (MISDEN).

  3. You can review any changes?

    Changes to this Privacy Policy

    Amending this Privacy Policy will be in our and Overflow Partners and Suppliers’ sole discretion to amend (including without limitation, by the addition of new terms and conditions) this Privacy Policy from time to time. When becoming a member of Voucher Plus, you agree to review the Privacy Policy whenever you visit this website for any such amendments. Save as expressly provided to the contrary in this Privacy Policy, the amended version of the Privacy Policy shall supersede and replace all previous versions thereof.

    Which laws apply?

    This Privacy Policy will be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of South Africa. To the extent that a court has jurisdiction over any dispute which may arise out of or in relation to this Privacy Policy, we both submit to the jurisdiction of the South African courts.

    Information you provide on our Partners' websites

    When visiting our website, you may discover other links to third party websites. These websites should have their own privacy policies which you should read carefully as well. Ourselves and Overflow Suppliers do not accept any responsibility or liability for our Partners’ policies whatsoever as we have no control over them.

    Information we get about you when you use our service

    When you use our services, we get the following information from you:

    When you use Voucher Plus we will collect information about how you use our site. For example, when you redeem a voucher we will record details of the offer, the date and time and the device you have redeemed it on. We will use this information to personalise the offers we show you in future.

    Your IDFA/Advertising Identifier

    We also collect your devices IDFA/Advertising Identifier which is an anonymous ID provided by your operating system. We may pass this anonymized data to a third-party partner (unacast.com) for purposes of providing accurate and relevant advertising across various operating systems and devices and to analyse the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

  4. How is your information used?

    To communicate with you

    We will mainly use your information for purposes of letting you know about our offers and other promotions you may be interested in via email, push notifications and/or SMS messages.


    Once you become a Voucher Plus member we will send you email newsletters letting you know about our offers and deals. We may also send you other offers from our partners that we think you might be interested in. If you don’t wish to receive emails from us, you can click the ‘unsubscribe’ link which will be found at the bottom of all emails from Voucher Plus. You will be sent to an ‘update your preferences’ page in your account where you can opt out of different types of email or click unsubscribe from all.

    SMS messages

    SMS messages will be sent to you to notify you of the latest offers. These messages can be unsubscribed from by following the unsubscribe process at the end of the message.

    Directly communicating with Voucher Plus

    When you send an email or other communication to Voucher Plus, we may retain the communication in order to serve you.

    To personalise the content you receive

    By collecting data on your activities on our website we will be in a position to better understand the types of offers that you are interested in. We will then present the most relevant offers for you on our website, through the communications we send you.

    To provide insight

    Our use of technologies enables us to gather statistical information about how people use our site. As well as using this to improve what we do, we also share it with the brands we work with to give them feedback. The information we share will not identify you personally, it is statistical data and does not identify any personal details whatsoever.

  5. How do we store your information?

    All personal data is stored securely in accordance with the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002. Unless we are legally required to do so, your data will not be disclosed to third parties. Where applicable, we may disclose your personal information to any member of our group. This includes, where applicable, our affiliates, our subsidiaries, our holding company and/or other companies within our group. We have taken certain operational, physical and technical steps to safeguard and secure the information we collect from you as Member when storing on our servers.

  6. How do we respond to legal requests?

    We may from time to time be required by way of a warrant, alternatively a court order to provide information of any nature as placed on the Voucher Plus website. We may also from time to time access, preserve and share information when we have a good faith belief it is necessary to prevent and/or address fraud and other illegal activity to protect ourselves, you and/or any other parties.
    Information we receive about you, including financial transaction data related to purchases made with on the Voucher Plus website, may be accessed, processed and retained for an extended period of time when it is the subject of a legal request or obligation, or investigations concerning possible violations of our terms or policies, or otherwise to prevent harm. We may also retain information from accounts disabled for violations of our terms for a period of at least one (1) year to prevent repeat abuse or other violations of our terms.